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Problems with ANXIETY?

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Anxiety & Fear

Anxiety is a normal human emotion – like adults, you can feel anxious before doing something new.

  • Both anxiety and fear can become disabling when their effects are so intense that they interfere with our ability to deal with day to day events. For example, they may result in panic attacks, generalised anxiety or phobias.

  • Phobias involve fear of things or situations which are not really dangerous  but they have built up in our minds to be dangerous and that causes immense panic.


Common fears can be: a fear of failing, a fear of change, a fear of not being liked/accepted, a fear of getting close to people.

It can feel like headaches, cramps in your tummy, racing thoughts, unable to sleep, panic attacks

A friend, a teacher, a family member. Once you talk about how you’re feeling and get support you feel like you’re not alone

If your anxiety is stopping you from leaving the house, going to school, develops into thoughts of harming yourself, you must seek professional help. Start with talking to your GP.

Breathing exercise can be helpful to calm the body and the mind.Exercise such as a simple walk. Writing down your feelings too can help. Turn off electronic devices and get a good night’s sleep.

Find services closeby that can Help

HSE mental health
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service
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HSE mental health
H.S.E Adult Mental Health Service
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HSE logo
H.S.E Primary Care Psychology Service
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IGC Logo
The Institute of Guidance Counsellors (IGC)
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East Clare community co op logo
East Clare Community Co-Operative Society
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Clare youth service logo
Clare Youth Service
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West clare family centre logo
West Clare Family Resource Centre
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UL Eist logo for counselling and wellbeing
UL Éist – Student Counselling and Wellbeing
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Ballina Killaloe Family Resource Logo
Killaloe/Ballina Community & Family Resource Centre
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North West Clare Family Resource Logo
North West Clare Family Resource Centre
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Buzz stop logo
Buzzstop Youth Café, Obair Family Centre
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Tusla logo
TUSLA, Prevention Partnership and Family Support
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Shannon Family Resource Building
Shannon Family Resource Centre
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Specialist Perinatal Mental Health Service
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West clare mental health association logo
West Clare Mental Health Association
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Goshh logo
GOSHH -Gender Orientation Sexual Health HIV
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Clarecare logo
Parent Support Line Clarecare Family Support
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child support ispcc
ISPCC Childline Support Service
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