Living in a communal setting & homelessness – What can you do?

Living in a communal setting:

Every family deserves a home to call their own. This is not a right a large number of families have in Ireland today.

Living in a setting with multiple families will put a huge strain on your family. A few tips below may help you cope during this very difficult time in your lives.

Taking care of yourself .

If possible try keep up as many activities you enjoy outside of where your temporary accommodation is. Youth clubs, sports clubs, meeting up with friends are all important parts of being a young person that you can still be part of. If the pressure gets too bad, have that person in your life you trust who you can go to for support and some self-care.

Connect with other supports.

If you are in school, studying and homework can be very difficult living in temporary accommodation where space may be an issue. If your school know your situation they will support you in any way they can and keep your situation private. There may be a homework club in your school or community or extra online supports you can ask for. Call into your local youth service and see what services they can offer you. If you feel your anxiety is becoming too difficult to manage, go talk with your GP or your school Guidance Counsellor about your mental health.

Make choices when you can.

Living in a homeless setting or in direct provision can leave a person feeling powerless especially if you don’t know when the situation will change. Where you can make any decision, this can help you be in charge of something in your life, no matter how small.


If you are looking for services in your area, click HERE!

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