Poor communication:

Relationships with parents or guardians aren’t always easy. Things can get particularly difficult as you grow up and start to discover who you are and begin to make your own choices in life. You may not understand everything your parents do, and similarly, they may also struggle to understand you sometimes.
Here are some tips that can help improve your relationship:

Talk to each other.

Pick a time when you are both calm, then sit down and talk about the issue. Make a rule that you will not interrupt each other when you are talking, otherwise you will never get anywhere. Trying to talk it out rather than shouting at each other.Avoid “You” statements and instead use “I” statements such as “I would like….I feel”… etc

Show your parents how much you care.

After arguments people’s feelings can be hurt, hurtful things said on both sides. A way to start repairing the harm is by showing your parents you care about them and want a relationship with them. Small gestures can mean a lot after the heat has gone out of an argument.

Be Patient.

Give your parents time. They may just need time to come round to your idea, decision, choice, or identity. Remember that they almost certainly still love you, they just cannot cope with your life choice for reasons of their own. Even though they love you some space from each other may be what you need until you can see eye to eye.

Know your Rights.

Arguments and disagreements happen in every family. But if the relationship between yourself and your parents gets abusive or physical this is not acceptable. You have the right to feel safe in your home. If you do not feel safe with your parents and are under 18 years old, you can call your local Tusla social work department for advice and support


If you are over 18 years old then it may be time to find other accommodation if the situation is beyond repair at home.

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