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Separation graphic

Communication Issues at Home – What can you do?

Poor communication: Relationships with parents or guardians aren't always easy. Things can get particularly difficult as you grow ...
Homeless graphic

Living in a communal setting & homelessness – What can you do?

Living in a communal setting: Every family deserves a home to call their own. This is not a ...
School transition graphic

Transitioning to Secondary School – What to do!

Transitioning to Secondary School: Moving from primary to secondary school is a big change. You may be excited ...
mental illness graphic

Additional Needs? – What to do!

Learning Difficulties: You may find learning difficult if you have a diagnosis of additional needs. This can cause ...
Sexuality graphic

Unplanned Pregnancy? – What to do!

Unplanned Pregnancy: The first thing you may be feeling is overwhelming panic and fear. But remember, you do ...
Abuse graphic

Being abused? – What to do!

Abuse: Abuse comes in various forms but the end result causes pain in a person’s life. Abuse can ...
Anger graphic

Anger Management Issues – What to do!

Anger Issues: Anger is a normal human reaction to feeling hurt or frustrated. How we express this emotion ...
Eating disorder graphic


Eating Disorders An eating disorder a destructive coping mechanism a person has found, that in some way, helps ...
Sexuality Issues

Sexual & Gender Identity

Sexual & Gender Identity Exploring and questioning gender identity can happen at any stage in your life. If ...
pregnancy graphic

Friendships and Relationships Problems? – How can it affect you?

Relationships & friendships Forming relationships, either friendships or romantic ones, is an essential part of being a teenager ...
Bullying graphic

Bullying – How can it affect you?

Bullying Being bullied can have a devastating impact on a person’s life. It can happen in the home, ...
Depression graphic

Grief & Bereavement – How can it affect you?

Grief & Bereavement It is enormous for a young person to lose someone they love. Grief is the ...
Separation graphic

Divorce & Parental Separation- What do you do?

It can be very upsetting if your parents separate or divorce for everyone in the family. You may ...
Addiction graphic

Addiction – I am an addict, what should I do?

Drug or Alcohol problem? All drugs including alcohol can potentially become addictive. If you feel your drug/alcohol intake ...
Anxiety graphic

Anxiety – I suffer from Anxiety, what should I do?

ANXIETY& FEAR Anxiety is a normal human emotion – like adults, you can feel anxious before doing something ...
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