Anger Issues:

Anger is a normal human reaction to feeling hurt or frustrated. How we express this emotion is an important skill to learn so anger does not become destructive.

Key points to remember which you will find more information on below are :

Know the signs

You may feel frightened or frustrated that you can’t control your anger. An important step towards controlling your anger is to understand when it’s coming. How does your body feel when you are angry? Can you recognise physical signs e.g. flushed face, rising heartbeat, clenched fists?

Walk away to calm down

Once you recognise these signs, it might be time to take a break or try a breathing exercise. If you’re going to lose control, explain to your parent/friend/sibling that you’re going to walk away to calm down and come back again in half an hour.

Find something that helps calm you in the moment

Finding a way to manage and cope with your anger that suits you is important, for example going for a run, listening for music, kicking a football, could all be ways to help the anger cool down in that moment.

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