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Bullying – How can it affect you?

Bullying Being bullied can have a devastating impact on a person’s life. It can happen in the home, amongst people we considered friends, in the workplace or at school or college. The longer it goes on, the worse the impact can be on your emotional wellbeing. Key points to remember which you will find more […]

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Grief & Bereavement – How can it affect you?

Grief & Bereavement It is enormous for a young person to lose someone they love. Grief is the reaction we have in response to a death or loss. Grief can affect our body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Key points to remember are: RECOGNISE YOUR FEELINGS AS GRIEF Changes in appetite or sleep, an upset stomach, […]

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Divorce & Parental Separation- What do you do?

It can be very upsetting if your parents separate or divorce for everyone in the family. You may feel confused and hurt that things are changing. You may have witnessed conflict between your parents. Key points to remember are: MAINTAIN CONTACT WITH THE OTHER PARENT You are legally allowed contact with BOTH parents. It is […]

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Addiction – I am an addict, what should I do?

Drug or Alcohol problem? All drugs including alcohol can potentially become addictive. If you feel your drug/alcohol intake is causing you problems, there is more information below. ASK YOURSELF WHY YOU ARE TAKING DRUGS/ALCOHOL I am curious, because my friends do it, it’s fun and I’m bored, lack of confidence and self-esteem, to find independence, […]

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Anxiety – I suffer from Anxiety, what should I do?

ANXIETY& FEAR Anxiety is a normal human emotion – like adults, you can feel anxious before doing something new. Both anxiety and fear can become disabling when their effects are so intense that they interfere with our ability to deal with day to day events. For example, they may result in panic attacks, generalised anxiety […]

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