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Do you have Additional Needs?

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You may find learning difficult if you have a diagnosis of additional needs.

  • This can cause extra stress if you feel like you are not being understood, listened to or not getting extra support.
  • If your learning is causing you stress you can:
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There are supports in school that you may be entitled to which could help your learning.
Your Guidance Counsellor will go through the options with you. Additional needs can be a diagnosis such as Autism, ADHD or it can be a learning need such as dyslexia

Thousands of people live very happy and successful lives even if they have a diagnosis of an additional need. It may seem like a challenge or burden that you do not want or makes you feel different.
Remember, everyone is unique and everyone has strengths and dreams they can achieve.

If you are in college, you can get advise and support from the campus disability service.

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