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Problems with Bullying?

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Being bullied can have a devastating impact on a person’s life.

  • It can happen in the home, amongst people we considered friends, in the workplace or at school or college. The longer it goes on, the worse the impact can be on your emotional wellbeing.
  • Key points to remember which you will find more information on below are:

Bullying is defined as repeated aggression ( happens more than once) that can be verbal, physical and psychological by one person or a group to others.
Bullying is not just a bit of teasing. It involves a very deliberate act by the bully, to cause the targeted person to feel upset and hurt.

You are not to blame for what is happening. People bully for a number of reasons; for feeling insecure about themselves, due to family issues at home, struggles with their own mental health or struggles with school work.

If you believe you are at risk of physical harm in school it is important to inform the school.

  • If you are receiving threatening messages or hate messages you can save/screen shot them as you may need them in discussion with school or An Garda Síochána.
  • You can delete an app for a while to get a break from receiving hate messages. They can continue to message close friends directly.
  • Engage in something that you love and that helps you feel good about yourself. Being bullied can have a strong impact on self-worth.

Find services closeby that can Help

HSE mental health
H.S.E Adult Mental Health Service
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HSE logo
H.S.E Primary Care Psychology Service
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HSE mental health
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service
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East Clare community co op logo
East Clare Community Co-Operative Society
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Clare youth service logo
Clare Youth Service
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West clare family centre logo
West Clare Family Resource Centre
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UL Eist logo for counselling and wellbeing
UL Éist – Student Counselling and Wellbeing
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IGC Logo
The Institute of Guidance Counsellors (IGC)
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Ballina Killaloe Family Resource Logo
Killaloe/Ballina Community & Family Resource Centre
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North West Clare Family Resource Logo
North West Clare Family Resource Centre
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Buzz stop logo
Buzzstop Youth Café, Obair Family Centre
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Tusla logo
TUSLA, Prevention Partnership and Family Support
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Shannon Family Resource Building
Shannon Family Resource Centre
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Goshh logo
GOSHH -Gender Orientation Sexual Health HIV
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Clarecare logo
Parent Support Line Clarecare Family Support
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child support ispcc
ISPCC Childline Support Service
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