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Are you suffering from Addiction?

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addiction & substance use

All drugs including alcohol can potentially become addictive.

  • If you feel your drug/alcohol intake is causing you problems, there is more information below.

I am curious, because my friends do it, it’s fun and I’m bored, lack of confidence and self-esteem, to find independence, for pleasure and fun, to escape from reality, poor relationship with parents, to cope with insecurity, loss, loneliness or depression, to deal with the symptoms of mental illness.

Addiction is when drugs or alcohol become the focus of the young person’s life.
They ignore their usual work, such as not doing their schoolwork, or stop doing their usual hobbies/ sports such as dancing or football

Look at the group of friends you are with, if they are using and you want to stop you may need to distance yourself.
Talk to people you trust about starting a new healthier chapter. Go back to hobbies you once enjoyed. Talk to your GP for advice on seeking professional help or contact your local Community Substance Misuse Team.

You are not responsible for your parent’s addictions. Do not hide the problem.
Contact your local Community Substance Misuse Team for support and advise for yourself if you are living with a person who has an addiction.

Find services closeby that can Help

Community Substance Misuse Team logo
Community Substance Misuse Team (CSMT)
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HSE logo alcohol and drugs
HSE Drug and Alcohol Service (Sláinte)
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IGC Logo
The Institute of Guidance Counsellors (IGC)
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East Clare community co op logo
East Clare Community Co-Operative Society
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Clare youth service logo
Clare Youth Service
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UL Eist logo for counselling and wellbeing
UL Éist – Student Counselling and Wellbeing
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MIC Clare
Student Counselling Service
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HSE mental health
H.S.E Adult Mental Health Service
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Ballina Killaloe Family Resource Logo
Killaloe/Ballina Community & Family Resource Centre
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North West Clare Family Resource Logo
North West Clare Family Resource Centre
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Buzz stop logo
Buzzstop Youth Café, Obair Family Centre
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HSE mental health
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service
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